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The 8 Ultimate digital marketing strategies for musicians


Whether you're a producer, independent artist, music producer, or a signed artist, practicing effective digital marketing is crucial. It becomes especially handy after releasing a new music video or single or promoting an upcoming multi-city tour.


As an artist in the digital age, you can build a stronger brand identity and attract more earning opportunities by investing in solid digital marketing strategies. Here are eight ultimate digital marketing strategies for musicians to apply!

1. Run social contests and giveaways. Offer a prize, like, free merch, concert tickets and more, as part of the social media contest or giveaway. Visitors and fans must take a particular action, like, signup for your mailing list to enter the giveaway or contest.

2. Talking about an email list, creating one also works wonders! To build your email list, create an opt-in form and encourage your visitors to sign up for your newsletters. Email your list's subscribers afterward to solidify your relationship, turning them into loyal fans. With emails, you can easily alert your fans when you release a new music project or stay in touch to create brand awareness.

3. Create a YouTube channel. With YouTube's 2.6 billion viewers per month, your discoverability potential is massive. After creating the channel, fill out your profile by uploading a great photo and sharing links to your music. Then, begin publishing your music videos consistently to build a following.

4. Launch a good influencer outreach campaign. Reach out to influential people in your specific space in the music industry to market your music. For example, you can contact influential bloggers and media personalities or email popular music journalists to request them to review your tracks.

5. Leverage live streaming! You can create a Twitch channel to show your music production process, thus letting viewers understand what goes on 'behind the curtains.' You can also Live Stream a concert, which can help you attract new fans.

6. Join relevant online forums. Joining forums like Subreddits, Discord, and others is a good place to engage with others. On these platforms, you can comment, request feedback and build a community around your music.

7. Run paid promotions. You can promote your posts on Instagram or Facebook to connect with a larger audience. Ensure that your images or videos are clear, relevant and have a strong call to action to follow you on social media.

8. Create a music website. Your website is vital to your brand as an artist or musician. It's an online portfolio that tells your story and dates of your upcoming events. You may also use it to sell products like your albums.

Tips / Thought-starters

  • Adopt a multi-channel digital marketing strategy – this helps you reach fans on different platforms.

  • Collaborate with others – working with others, e.g., media personalities, bloggers, etc., will make your digital music marketing more effective.

Key Questions/Next Steps

  • Create – build a website, create a YouTube channel, and an email list for more engagement.

  • Evaluate – as a black entrepreneur, assess the most suitable digital marketing strategies for your music business and implement them.



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