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Blackweek: AD Leaders' Conference Dedicated to Addressing Business Challenges via Diversity and Inclusion


Blackweek, a new conference has been initiated by leaders in the advertising industry. It aims to tackle the lack of diversity and inclusion, providing a platform to address and solve key business challenges through more representative perspectives.


Blackweek is set to launch in New York from October 15-18 as a direct response to the stagnant progress on diversity and inclusion in advertising and related industries according to adage. The conference, founded by a diverse group of Black and Latino leaders including Walter T. Geer III and Joe Anthony, is designed as a solutions-driven event that goes beyond mere celebration to challenge systemic issues in business practices. The event aims to transform discussions into actionable outcomes, emphasizing real change over traditional conference accolades.

Tips / Thought-starters

  • Foster actionable dialogues in industry conferences:  Conferences should prioritize solution-oriented sessions that directly address industry shortcomings, similar to Blackweek's approach to tackling diversity and inclusion through focused panels and discussions.

  • Create inclusive platforms for underrepresented voices:  Building events or platforms that highlight and empower minority voices can catalyze change and offer fresh perspectives that are often overlooked in mainstream settings.

Key Questions/Next Steps

  • Integrate diversity deeply in organizational structures:  How can companies embed diversity and inclusion as core aspects of their business models and strategies, ensuring it influences all decisions and processes?

  • Measure the impact of diversity initiatives: What metrics can organizations develop to assess the effectiveness of diversity programs and ensure they create meaningful change in representation and equity within the industry?

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