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Harry Belafonte; Ground Breaker, Brave Activist, Entertainment Legend Passes On at 96

  • Leading Media Highlight - Harry Belafonte, who lived life as an incomparable talent, a man who's artistic gifts were only out-shined by his lifelong dedication to using his platform to elevate others has transitioned at age 96.

  • Context for Highlight - According to NPR, "Singer, actor and human rights activist Harry Belafonte died Tuesday at age 96 of congestive heart failure. He broke racial barriers and balanced his activism with his artistry in ways that made people around the world listen. Belafonte, who was an EGOT holder for his Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards, died at his home in New York, his publicist announced." Despite being one of the first black artists to sell one million records and to receive a broad film audience, in the 1960's Belafonte chose the unselfish path to perform less and embody his mentor Paul Robeson's edict that artists are “gatekeepers of truth.

From planning the march with Dr. King in the 60's to continuing a message of freedom and peace on into Cincinnati's Freedom Center unveiling in 2001, to promoting for equality for all during 2020 racial reckoning into the very year of his passing...his life is a shining light of example for art activism civil rights, a singer, entertainer and barrier breaking legend for African Americans in music, media, and film used his platform to elevate others as he climbed to higher and higher heights. Yahoo! details however that he was brave, unafraid to tell the current generation the truth, from Barack Obama to Jay Z and Beyonce what real work needs to be done and more.

  • Tips/Key Take-A-Ways

    • Serve Others - Harry Belafonte used his gift to share joy, entertainment, and he redeemed the platform that fame gave him to give his race and the world more peace, more freedom

    • Serve Excellence & Class - the class, grace, and excellence Harry Belafonte brought to his craft, stage presence, and off stage demeanor only added to the state that his quest for freedom and peace were also beyond reproach.

  • Next Steps & Questions to Ask Yourself

    • What Greatness? - what great uplifting change would you want your to art and platform to help you gift to the world?

    • Collab - Join PRO heree at no cost to collab, network, grow your team, and do uplifting with other positive creators or join organizations like Harry Belafonte's own 'Gathering For Justice'. Harry Belafonte did not work alone in a vaccum, he did amazing work on his own and also collaborated with Dr. King, Sidney Poitier, non-profits, museums, racial equality leaders and more.



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