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Welcome to Music Leaderz, let's rock!  Click 'setup pro account' below so that your next amazing new team member can find you, choose to work with you, and so that we can follow and highlight you.  This directory is ONLY for promoting 'positive creators', positive business leaders and marketers who are focused on creating content that is positive, clean, and that inspires our community.  

Does your content respect women, stay away from promoting drugs, help our human brothers and sisters reach for their higher selves and remind them how awesome they and their lineage REALLY is to make the world a better place for all of us?  Yeah? Then please sign on and rock on - let's GO!"
1. Click the "setup pro account" below before spaces run out
2. Enter your information
3. Click confirm and let the world know about it!  Take a screenshot, let the world know that you are the newest "Music Leaderz PRO" and tag us @MusicLeaderz , we will repost and tag you back!  Check your email for invites to the next 'Collab in the LAB' session & future events.

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