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Where is your media leading you?  Where is your music leading you?  At Eckspansion Media, we want your media & music to lead you to wellness, peace, healing (physical, emotional, spiritual), inspiration, faith & joy.  At Eckspansion Publishing our mission is to be your most trusted source for entertainment, tools, information, and resources that share and celebrate healing, faith, joy and uplifting creators, in the Black community and in all communities.  We believe that we are all God's children, when you lift one it lightens the vibe for all, enjoy our publications to support more love & light!

About, is the leading Digital News Site & Networking Community platform, celebrating positive, healing, conscious, and faith-based artists & creators in the world.  Inside of you also find Music Marketing Magazine designed to support healing/uplifting creators who are MusicLeaderz & MediaLeaderz is a publication of Eckspansion, more Eckspansion publications are in the image above.

Meet our operating team:


  • General Manager & Office Mgr. - Open Position, inquire

  • Chief Marketing Officer - Cherise P.

  • VP of Digital Strategy & Media Relations - Martin Pratt

  • Business & Digital News - Carol Walthera

  • Current Events & Culture News - Alfred Altiemo

  • Social Media Dept. Lead -C. Crea

  • Marketing Administrator - Petar Jotov  


Great creators need great team members and they need to be heard about.  Every great time in history had a ground-breaking media, arts, or music renaissance to inspire it, for today's times, that time is now.  Tomorrow's Harry Belafonte, Nina Simone, James Baldwin and other amazing luminaries like them need to be connected.  That is where joining other Media Leaderz, Music Leaderz, and
Kidz Mic community members come in.

How Do We Help?
We celebrate, support, and promote positive yet amazing talented creators, business pros, and fans to help spur the tidal wave of uplift, unity, and love that this world desperately needs through art.  

  • Easy Healing & Uplift - According to Psychology Todaywhat you watch, listen to and read can affect your mood, thoughts and actions. 

    • Psychology Today also says...

    • Women and girls exposed to as much as 3 minutes with a fashion magazine in a waiting room show immediate and significant increases in depressed mood and feelings of low self-esteem.

    • Even music with aggressive lyrics is associated with more aggressive thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Sheesh!

      • Positive Content:

        • On the other hand, listening to music with pro-social lyrics (about love, friendship, hope) was linked to increases in helping behavior, care for others, and generosity - as well as decreases in aggressive thoughts, behaviors and hostility.

      • Their advice on music and other media says for better health especially during stress-filled times says choose something uplifting, i.e. here is there message on music: "Find a song with lyrics about love, friendship or hope and pass it on to someone who could use a lift!"

  • Free Marketing Tips & Connections - IWe want to see healing, positive, and uplifting creators win so in addition to sharing helpful marketing strategies, tools, and news we also help Music Leaderz, Media Leaderz, and Kidz Mic peeps (parents & parent managers of talented kids) connect. 

  • Quality Community Access - The community is comprised of GRAMMY winners, artists, entertainment executives, news correspondents and marketers all coming together.

  • Find & Connect With Your New Team Members - To join the community part of the fun click PRO, and create your very own account to join and better connect with other Music Leaderz, Media Leaderz, and Kidz Mic community members.  It will make you findable in the public PRO directory and will give you invites to our future networking sessions.

  • Could It Really Work For You? - There is no shortage of people working to bring about positive impacts in the world through music, media, and art but there is a shortage of access to each other and that is where Media Leaderz & Music Leaderz comes in.  Our community invites and has entrepreneurs, creatives, artists, experts & more.  Come to virtual events to share your ideas with them & get help you can't otherwise get.         

    It's time to make a difference and let positive music, art, and media lead the way, join us!

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