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Happy 50th: Leveraging the Elements of Hip Hop

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Image via Creative Commons; user Néstor Baltodano
Image via Creative Commons; user Néstor Baltodano


Many Hip Hop fans are ready to see more of the conscious, feminine, uplifting, and healing aspects of it's elements championed. Moving forward will answer that need, especially for the poetic, theatric, literary, uplifting and healing knowledge of self/community aspects. Invitations and opportunities to be highlighted come through joining the PRO here.


Hip Hop is believed to have emerged in the Bronx in the early 1970s, driven by competition and innovation.

According to an article by The Kennedy Center, Hip hop culture encompasses various artistic elements, including DJing, MCing (rapping), breaking (dance), graffiti, theater, literature, and knowledge of self. It emerged in the Bronx in the early 1970s, driven by competition and innovation.

The article delves into the origins and evolution of Hip Hop culture, highlighting its multi-faceted nature and influence on art and society. It explores how Hip Hop's artistic elements came together in the Bronx and discusses the role of pioneers like DJ Kool Herc. The culture's ability to combine diverse art forms and reflect urban life is emphasized.

In addition to the 9 elements of hip hop above, "Hip Hop Is Green" has proudly proclaimed, that "Hip hop is — health and wellness". In 2016, together with hip hop legends at Harlem’s historic Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Hip Hop is Green audaciously ushered in the 10th element of hip hop: health and wellness.

According to Hip Hop Is Green, "no matter how marginalized or isolated you were, hip hop demanded that you be seen. The elements’ echoed a revolutionary drumbeat beyond the streets where they were born and around the world — all the way to the hearts of anyone whose inner power needed to come alive. They reminded everyone that boldness, courage, and originality were your superpowers. Not many people fully realize, however, that these qualities derive from health, vulnerability, empathy, and self-love." The Hip Hop Truth team agrees with this point of view, that HHT view is rooted in faith, understanding that God is love, as well as the ultimate creative. There is a healing, uplifting side of Hip Hop and it's time to celebrate it more loudly together.

Tips / Thought-starters

  • Cultural Influence: Consider hip-hop culture's impact on communities from a creator's perspective.

  • Competition and Innovation: Explore how competition and innovation have shaped the evolution of hip-hop, relating to your Christian creativity.

  • Artistic Pillars: Reflect on the significance of graffiti, dance, and rapping in hip-hop's identity and their connection to your artistic journey.

Key Questions/Next Steps

  • Reflect on Hip-Hop's Global Journey- As conscious and Christian creators, ponder the remarkable transformation and worldwide expansion of hip-hop culture since its inception. Visualize its incredible journey from its origins to its current global presence.

  • Hip-Hop's Relevance Today- Consider how, as a creator, you can celebrate and integrate hip-hop culture into today's dynamic world. Explore its profound impact on music, art, and social movements, acknowledging its continued importance.

  • Cultural Intersections- As a creator, seek out the connections between hip-hop's diverse creative components and other cultural movements. Discover how various art forms have the power to unite people across the globe, emphasizing the universal language of creativity.

  • Resource - check out helpful items here today for to support your own uplifting creativity within Hip Hop and your best life.



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