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Female Christian Hip Hop Artists You Need To Know About

Female Christian Hip Hop Artists You Need To Know About
Photo: Christian Hip Hop Now


In 2020, Christian Hip Hop saw a growing push for diversity in the genre. A recent CHHNOW reports on this and the article introduces five female Christian rappers worth keeping an eye on.


The article discusses the thriving Christian Rap scene in 2020 and specifically highlights five talented female Christian rappers: Erica Mason, Kay Sade, A.I The Anomaly, Wande, and DaShawn Shauntà. Each artist's background, achievements, and unique qualities are briefly introduced.

Tips / Thought-starters

  • Exploration and Inspiration: Explore the music and stories of these female Christian rappers to draw inspiration and appreciate the rich diversity and talent within the genre. As a Christian creator, this exploration can provide fresh insights for your work.

  • Reflect on Impact: Take time to reflect on the profound impact of diversity and representation in Christian Rap and how these factors shape the genre's evolution. Contemplating these themes can inspire meaningful content.

  • Appreciate Diverse Styles: Pay attention to the myriad styles and contributions of these artists and how they fit into the broader Christian Rap movement. This awareness can inform your own artistic choices and collaborations.

Key Questions/Next Steps

  • Fostering Diversity in Your Work- Reflect on how you, as Christian creator, can promote diversity in your own work. Consider steps you can take to infuse your projects with inclusivity.

  • Active Engagement- Explore and embrace strategies for engaging with both the Christian Rap community and the music industry to actively support and champion diverse voices in the genre.

  • Support and Stay Connected- As a fellow Christian creator, extend your support by connecting with these artists on social media and music platforms. This not only fosters a sense of community but also keeps you updated on their latest releases and projects. Remember, your actions as a creator have the potential to catalyze positive change within the Christian Rap community and beyond. Share your thoughts with us at @HipHopTruthCom.

  • Resource- try these resources today https-// for more health, peace, and creativity during your next project and your best life.



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