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Summary: MediaLeaderz, MusicLeaderz, and Music Marketing Magazine focuses on supporting people who are creating or simply enjoying art, music, and media that uplifts, inspires, shares love or increases faith. Whether you are an artist or a patron of the arts, a fan, the fact that you are reading this says that you are likely one of those people.

For that we say thank you and would like to share two gifts:

GIFT #1 - PRO LAB Pass: The first gift, is a special invitation to our newly launching ‘Focus LABS’, a weekly virtual co-working space to help you dig deep, get the most out of your time, and make a few cool connections in the process. The weekly LABS will only be available to members of PRO, if you aren’t a member be sure to join here while it’s no cost.

GIFT #2 - Cyber Savings - The second is to gift you with savings on some of the favorite things our writers, graphic designers, and team enjoy. At 8PM ET on 11/28 our CMO will be going live through her status as a compensated Amazon Influencer, join live here: to get the savings there or shop the idea lists to get some boosts for having the right recording/streaming equipment, inner stillness tools to boost creativity + results, or simply wellness goodies to feel your best while you keep doing what you do to enjoy amazing art.


  • Fast Action Bonus - the CyberMonday savings and deals in the Amazon Influencer portal for our CMO are based on while supplies last and when they are gone, they’re gone. Go ahead and take a peak at the lists now so that you don’t miss out - click here to visit early or to join the LIVE at 8PM. Also to be clear, when you purchase through the portal on this page, a commission is paid to our CMO that helps her to help MediaLeaderz, MusicLeaderz and Music Marketing Magazine all keep helping y.o.u. for little or nada, so hey, win win! : )

  • $300 Bonus - many groups and sites charge $300 or more for the type of virtual connections that MediaLeaderz and MusicLeaderz are both offering in PRO to you at no cost today, pro tip, grab it while that’s the case

  • Plan - when the LAB’s come up, join them with intention and be clear what you want to accomplish during that session, this will enable you to make the most of the time

Questions & Next Steps:

  • What will you nab first to help kick your 2023 off right? Let us know in comments of via DM, happy shopping!

  • There are still goodies in the replay - catch the replay here!:



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