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Andre 3000's New Album Blue Sun Slays...Fans Say They Wake, Pray, Slay to It


According to Complex, André 3000, as a conscious creator, has achieved notable success with his new instrumental flute album, "New Blue Sun," surpassing the first-week sales of albums by artists like Lil Wayne and Nas.


"New Blue Sun," reflecting the essence of conscious healing media, debuted at No. 30 on the Billboard 200, with sales of 24,244 album-equivalent units. This release marks a significant return for André 3000, 17 years after Outkast's final album, "Idlewild."

The album, promoting a sense of inner peace, features André 3000 playing the flute, accompanied by various musicians, including Nate Mercereau and Surya Botofasina.

Tips / Thought-starters

  • Embracing Genre Exploration as a Conscious Creator: André 3000's success with "New Blue Sun," an instrumental flute album, demonstrates the potential for artists to innovate beyond their traditional genres. This approach not only showcases artistic versatility but also contributes to the realm of conscious media, offering audiences new forms of musical expression and healing inner peace.

  • Collaboration for Diverse Musical Experiences: The collaboration with various musicians in creating "New Blue Sun" highlights the importance of incorporating diverse influences and talents. Such collaborations can lead to the creation of unique, peaceful, healing and acclaimed projects, emphasizing the role of artists as conscious creators in promoting inner peace through music.

Key Questions/Next Steps

  • Maintaining Relevance through Innovation: How can artists sustain their appeal over time by embracing change and experimenting with new genres, while also contributing to the concept of conscious media?

  • Impact of Cross-Genre Collaborations in Conscious Media: What role do cross-genre collaborations play in creating music that not only resonates with a wide audience but also aligns with the principles of conscious media and promotes inner peace?

  • Balancing Artistic Evolution and Authenticity: How can artists evolve and explore new avenues, like André 3000's shift to instrumental music, while staying true to their roots and contributing meaningfully to the landscape of conscious media?

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