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8 Songs That Celebrate & Empower Women - Women's History Month 2023


Typically, a musician, independent artist or music producer creates songs mostly for the purpose of entertainment. Many artists and bands have, over the years, served us with timeless classics that we blast on our radios at house parties and clubs. However, it would be "criminal" to ignore the fact that every era has witnessed quite a huge number of songs that celebrate and empower women - and the trend seems like it's here to stay!


Women empowerment is complex but necessary for the music business, music marketing and beyond! You must have seen a lot of marketing for creators championing songs empowering and celebrating our beloved women. Truth be told, society’s “patriarchal” nature and the music industry are the driving forces behind this phenomenon! From ballads about overcoming breakups to “being treated per your worth” anthems, there are so many great songs that celebrate women and their successes. Some emphasize self-love, while others tackle controversial issues such as gender inequality. No matter what you’re in the mood for, all these bops are guaranteed to provide a daily dose of girl power. Check out some fantastic songs that empower women you should be listening to this women's history month!

  • “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child (2001) Quit pitying and doubting yourself this women's month! Destiny’s Child is on hand to help you recharge your self-esteem!

  • “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera (2002) Appreciate all the experiences and people who’ve transformed you into a fighter with this gen from Christina Aguilera!

  • “Respect” by Aretha Franklin (1967) The Queen of Soul’s 1967 jam remains a memorable anthem decades later for all ladies who are sick and tired of not being treated right!

  • “Doo Wop” by Lauryn Hill (1998) There is no getting over just how catchy and kicky this jam is. The best part? Those who love feeling themselves and getting dressed up have lyrics that encourage them to move forward feeling fly, uplifted, and respected knowing their worth!

  • “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor (1978) This disco hit about post-relationship “gloom” is one of the most popular tracks about self-expression and rebirth that any hopeful woman will love!

  • “9 To 5” by Dolly Parton (1980) Dolly Parton’s 1980 memorable hit “9 to 5” still resonates with today’s modern woman. The track pays homage to all the amazing women who work their fly lashes off and barely get the credit they deserve.

  • “No More Drama” by Mary J. Blige (2001) This hit song has a music video that shows the strength of a woman that says no to domestic violence, by gathering her courage to walk away from her abuser's antics and live a safer life. In a 2008 interview with The Telegraph, Mary J. Blige said, “when she sings [the song] today, [she goes] … through the emotion of being a child growing up in the projects [seeing abusive patterns]... and then growing up and realizing you're repeating those patterns... of all those patterns. … I rewind through that every time I sing it. I want to give people the real truth.” This song is a great message to every woman to start saying no to every abuse that tries to come your way, even if you took them before - no more, say it today.

  • "Eve" [the entire album] by Rapsody (2019) As Pitchfork puts it, Her astounding third album, Eve, is a “love letter to all black women,” with 16 songs named specifically for her heroes... This album is beyond an anthem, each song is named for an influential black woman, including Michelle Obama, Nina Simone, Myrlie Evers, and Aaliyah - if you aren't streaming it yet, let's start now

Tips / Thought-starters

  • Prioritize personal well-being – Let go of anything that is detrimental to your physical and mental health, e.g., abusive relationships, bad habits, etc.

  • Use valuable resources around you – As a black entrepreneur, do not be afraid to seek help from successful peers who’ve had similar personal experiences to yours, organizations focusing on empowerment, etc.

Key Questions/Next Steps

  • Personal strength – What makes you feel strong? Focus more on that and capitalize on it.

  • Reliability – Who around you makes you feel more confident and assured? Spend more time with such people. They will help you to cultivate stronger self-belief.



Rok Johan
Rok Johan
May 14, 2023



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Nono Khas
May 11, 2023


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