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$10,000, want it? Alliance Theatre is Offering All Atlanta Area Artists A Shot

  • Highlight - Alliance theater is offering all Atlanta area artists a chance to nab $10,000 towards their own project by being chosen for their Reiser Artist Lab,

  • Context - All Atlanta area artists are invited to submit a project to the Reiser Atlanta Artists Lab. In the Lab three projects will be given $10,000 in development support culminating in a public presentation of the artists and their work. The Reiser Lab seeks to foster the growth of generative artists of all varieties through work on collaborative projects. To that end the Alliance Theatre provides an artistic home, space to work, artistic counsel, financial resources, and a final presentation opportunity.

The Lab is available for generative artists of any practice – actor, director, designer, writer, composer, choreographer or musician (as examples) – to develop a collaboration.

Tips/Key Take-A-Ways

  • Opportunities Abound - many artists are 'waiting' for access, the right shot or more but there are also many organizations, platforms, and entities designed to highlight and support artists like you - embrace them

  • Winners Circle - the Alliance Theatre Instagram page and social platforms have pictures of past Reiser Lab winners, they are artists from all backgrounds. Someone like you could win, could join the winner's circle but that could only happen if you try and apply.

Next Steps & Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Trust the Process - the application requirements are straightforward, so be sure to give them exactly what they seek as you apply. This holds true for any opportunity or application, go hard and trust the process.

  • Take Your Shot - The application deadline comes up fast, so apply now, at least try. To grab easier no cost access to support, collabs and more you can also join our community of positive creators, there is no $10K prize but there is definitely access to peeps who need to be in your team, join PRO here for no cost to collab, network, grow your team, and do uplifting art with other positive creators. You aren't alone, grab your team.



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