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Programs for Gospel Artists to Glow Up for the Lord this Qtr (conferences, programs, opportunities)

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As a typical independent artist, producer, or black entrepreneur in the gospel music business, you can face quite a difficult journey in upholding Christian values and strong faith in your religion. With the numerous vices that grip today's world, falling off along the way is actually quite easy if a musician lacks a strong belief in the Lord. As such, consistently engaging in programs and conferences and grabbing every opportunity to remain steadfast and glow up for the Lord is important.


A deep understanding of their Christian vocation is the foundation for a solid Christian journey and fruitful music marketing for every gospel artist. However, staying true to the gospel is easier said than done because negative temptations can detract a gospel artist or music producer from their true calling. Fortunately, various opportunities, programs, festivals, and conferences might help every gospel artist replenish their faith in Christ. These will allow you to interact with other Christians and gospel artists. You can easily grow in faith together by learning from, challenging and motivating one another during these events. Here are some recommended opportunities worth to check out below!

Worship Together (July 20th-22nd, 2023)

Worship Together is an annual conference of worshippers, creatives, musicians, pastors, and worship leaders to lift and praise the High Name of the Lord. Some of the acts scheduled to grace the conference are Cody Carnes and Hillsong United.

Gospel Music Association

Gospel Music Association is an amazing community of gospel industry professionals, writers, and artists. Its main goal is to support creatives by providing them with spiritual and mental counseling and organizing networking events for them to mingle. It also provides resources to educate and equip these individuals with skills to thrive in the industry.

Christian Songwriting Competitions

Songwriting contests are a fun way of making your music heard by gospel music industry professionals. Christian songwriting contests like CMUnited allow gospel artists to meet other believers. There, they can grow their ministry to new levels and put a spotlight on their careers on a big stage.

Christian Music festivals

These aim to bring glory to the Lord via concerts and fests where artists and other gospel creatives mingle to experience the love of Jesus through music. The Christian Festival Association facilitates an environment for smooth marketing for creators and where Christian festival organizers link up. Here, they can share resources and information to make festivals like SoulFest, Resound Fest, Kingdom Bound, etc., successful.

Tips / Thought-starters

  • Continuous faith replenishment – gospel artists, like other Christian believers, must keep growing their faith.

  • Community – you can increase the chances of succeeding in remaining steadfast in your Christian faith by worshipping with others in festivals, missions, church services, etc.

Key Questions/Next Steps

  • Learn – Understand others’ experiences and draw lessons from their own challenges in their Christian journey and how they conquer setbacks.

  • Grow – grab every opportunity to grow your Christian music career. It will help you tap into your inner spirituality and further grow your faith.



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