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Pharrell Williams, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and Sen. Bill Cassidy Among Honorees for 20

Image courtesy of The Recording Academy
Source: The Recording Academy


The Recording Academy has announced the honorees for the 2023 GRAMMYs on the Hill Awards, including Pharrell Williams, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and Senator Bill Cassidy, for their contributions to supporting music creators and advocating for creators' rights.


GRAMMYs on the Hill is an annual event that brings together congressional leaders and music makers to celebrate music and advocacy. It recognizes individuals who have led the fight for creators' rights and supports the music community. The event is sponsored by City National Bank and benefits the GRAMMY Museum.

Tips / Thought-starters

Show up for each other and support one another to ensure the ability to keep creating-

- Collaborate with fellow artists and musicians to create a strong and supportive community.

- Attend music events, concerts, and industry gatherings to connect with peers and build relationships.

- Engage in mentorship programs to guide and support emerging artists.

Engage in advocacy work to support the rights and welfare of music creators-

- Stay informed about current issues and policies affecting the music industry.

- Join or support organizations that advocate for the rights of musicians and creators.

- Contact elected officials to express your opinions and concerns regarding relevant legislation.

Explore philanthropic endeavors and initiatives to make a positive impact in the music community-

- Consider establishing or supporting organizations that provide resources and opportunities to aspiring musicians.

- Use your platform to raise awareness and funds for charitable causes related to music education, mental health, or other music-related issues.

- Volunteer or participate in community projects that promote the value and accessibility of music.

Champion pro-music policies and support legislation that benefits creators and the music industry-

- Stay updated on proposed bills and legislation that impact the music industry.

- Join advocacy campaigns or sign petitions to support pro-music policies.

- Collaborate with organizations and industry professionals to amplify the collective voice of music creators.

Key Questions/Next Steps

How can artists and music creators get involved in advocating for their rights and supporting the music community?

- Research organizations and initiatives focused on music advocacy.

- Attend workshops or seminars on artist rights and advocacy.

- Connect with other artists who are actively engaged in advocacy work.

What are some effective strategies for engaging with policymakers and lawmakers to advance pro-music policies?

- Request meetings with elected officials to discuss music-related issues.

- Prepare well-researched arguments and data to support your position.

- Build relationships with industry lobbyists or organizations that have influence in legislative circles.

How can musicians and artists use their platforms to address social justice issues and make a difference?

- Incorporate social justice themes in your music and lyrics.

- Engage with your audience through social media to raise awareness about relevant causes.

- Collaborate with other artists and organizations that align with your values.

What other organizations or events provide opportunities for artists to connect with policymakers and industry leaders to further their careers and support the music community?

- Look for conferences or conventions focused on the music industry.

- Explore membership in professional music associations or unions.

- Follow the activities of organizations like the Recording Academy or the GRAMMY Museum for networking and engagement opportunities.

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Rok Johan
Rok Johan
May 14, 2023


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