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Olympics Revamp: NBC Leverages Snoop Dogg, Peacock, and Wild ideas for a Ratings Surge at the 2024 Paris Games


NBC is revolutionizing its coverage strategy for the 2024 Paris Olympics, introducing a blend of celebrity commentary and live streaming to enhance viewer engagement and adapt to the modern media landscape.


Facing the challenge of maintaining relevance and maximizing viewership in a fragmented media environment, NBCUniversal is overhauling its approach to broadcasting the Paris Olympics as reported by Variety. The network plans to inject a new level of entertainment value into its coverage by featuring celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Kelly Clarkson, and Jimmy Fallon, alongside traditional sports coverage. This strategy is part of a broader effort to appeal to a diverse audience range, from casual viewers to dedicated sports fans, by offering real-time streaming on Peacock and a curated primetime show that blends sports highlights with pop culture. Key quote from NBC executive Molly Solomon: "When it comes to primetime TV in the streaming era, every second does count. If something is boring, kill it."

Tips / Thought-starters

  • Integrate diverse media formats to broaden audience reach:  Media companies can attract a wider audience by blending traditional broadcast methods with digital streaming platforms and incorporating popular culture elements to keep the content engaging and relevant.

  • Leverage celebrity influence to enhance traditional content: Utilizing well-known personalities to comment on or participate in events can draw in viewers who might not typically watch sports, increasing overall engagement and viewership.

Key Questions/Next Steps

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