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"I need a team": Media Marketing Magazine is Launching LABs for Every Creator To Say Those Words

Updated: Mar 31, 2023


"I need a team" or "What team does an independent artist need?" - If you have ever said or thought those words, then go ahead and celebrate because you've been heard. Music Marketing Magazine is launching LABs to help you solve the need to say those words. The goal is to see uplifting artists win, like really win together. Each sessions will bring creators, exceutives, musicians and even legends together face to face for 30 minutes to make a ton of real connections and then get busy working and winning together. Sound good? Join PRO now to nab a no-cost invite but the next LAB fills up & after you join, then keep reading.


The sessions are called LABs which stand for LevelUp And Beyond. There will be three different types of LABs. They are as follows:

  • Collab LAB - Ever thought "I need a team" or have you ever thought "I just need more help" "If only I could meet the right people" or "I just gotta get an assistant" - if you have ever thought any of those things then Collab LAB is for you, come get your team! Collab LAB is an amazing conference in your pocket or in your laptop that is a mix of speed-dating style networking, it takes a village, and a lot of let's go. Everyone shares what they need and how they can help, and everyone leaves supported. Come on time though, Collab Labs are super short, we start on time, get folks connected (access), and get out so we can get to work.

  • Access LAB - Come get real gems from pros and experts. Join the Access LABs live to learn and get your personal questions answered or project needs met.

  • Focus LAB - At key times of the year it is time to hunker down and focus your mind on writing or updating your marketing plan. Every major business does this and invites their team members to sit down, collab and crunch it out for a strong ROI or strong launch/engagement. Within PRO you now have a team to do that for you, but it is done within a virtual face-to-face that does have a cap on the seats/bandwidth available so join now before it fills up.

We hope you join us! Click here to grab your PRO account and grab an invite.

Tips / Thought-starters

Tips & lessons to be learned from his story for current and rising Media & Music Leaderz

  • Global Reach: Online music industry conferences can reach a wider audience beyond just one location, bringing together professionals from around the world.

  • Cost-Effective: Without the need for travel, accommodation, or venue expenses, online music industry conferences are generally more affordable and accessible to attendees.

  • Easy Access to Information: Attendees can easily access presentations, panels, and workshops from the comfort of their own devices, and have the ability to review and replay information as needed.

Key Questions/Next Steps

  • Register Early: Register for PRO as soon as possible to take advantage of early bird discounts and to ensure that you secure a spot at the LAB.

  • Check Technical Requirements: We use Google Meet & Zoom, be sure that your camera and microphone work. Check the technical requirements for the conference, such as internet speed and browser compatibility, to ensure that your device can handle the streaming and interactive components.

  • Prepare Questions: You never know what amazing people may pop up in the LABs. Make sure you get what you need. Prepare questions for any sessions or workshops that you plan to attend, and consider reaching out to presenters or panelists in advance with any questions or comments.

  • Update Your Profile: Update your online profile with current information and links to your work, such as your music portfolio, social media profiles, or website. Note that folks in the LAB will also want to connect with you if you make a great connection so check your social pros too.

  • Connect with Attendees: Stay connected for a real relationship. Join the Facebook Group! Use social media to connect with other attendees before and during the conference. Consider joining any relevant discussion groups or forums to meet other professionals and network.



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