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How Star Trek Star Nichelle Nichols A.K.A. Lt Nyota Uhura Rocked The Screen & Her Faith - The Gospel

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

LEADING HIGHLIGHT: Nichelle Nichols used her Star Trek-based platform for Christ!

The context for Highlight: Nichols is said to be a woman of Christian faith who shared it in interviews and with her life in a way that others noticed.

  • Tips for rising and current Faith Leaderz:

    • Be Strong & Courageous - you may be the only one, but be honorable and so good that others can help but notice and when you are recognized, give God the glory for your excellence. He may plant you in places that are not necessarily the church, but be strong in what He has called you to do, knowing that He will never leave or forsake those who love Him.

    • Shine Where God Has You Planted - When Nichols wanted to leave the show Star Trek, she listened to Dr. Martin Luther King who convinced her to stay. He told her: “You cannot abdicate your position. You are changing the minds of people across the world, because, for the first time, through you, we see ourselves and what can be.”

    • Use Your Voice - According to CBN, Dylan Novak, known online as “The Celebrity Evangelist,” shared on Facebook Sunday he met Nichols in 2016 at a comic convention. It was there he learned — after sharing the Gospel with her — that Nichols was already a believer. He recalled her telling him, “No fan has ever cared about my eternal life before.”

So, how did she share her faith?

According to CBN, Nichelle Nichols, known for her iconic role as Lt. Nyota Uhura in “Star Trek: The Original Series,” passed away over the weekend. One incredible aspect of her story most in the media will leave out is her Christian faith and the surprising way she helped share the Gospel with co-star William Shatner.

To so many, Nichols was known for blazing a new trail for black women in the entertainment industry. In fact, it was Martin Luther King, Jr., who convinced Nichols — who wanted to leave screen acting for the stage — to continue starring in the TV show.

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