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On June 25, 2017 Chance the Rapper became the youngest person to ever receive BET's Humanitarian Award. Being a company founded by young people we see this as the best part of the BET Awards! We were founded by young people who wanted to show kids that there is positivity in the world and Chance is doing just that. Here at Kidz Mic, our kidpreneur founders, Kira, an 8 year old girl and Skye-Ericson her 7 year old brother have interviewed amazing history makers such as Hon. Congressman John Lewis, and musical game changers such as Kirk Franklin. We think that tonight's award to Chance is a welcome message to them as well as their brown kidpreneur peers that helping others, bringing positive changes to your community, investing in education and respecting others as well as yourself are valued by hip hop too. Common said that Chance made him consider his efforts, to look at what else he can do and we hope that this Chance's award is a sign of many, many more purely positive efforts to come from rap, and can't wait for the day that positive rap efforts transform into also having mainstream rap lyrics takeover the game as music we can play as inspiration for kidpreneurs to max out success because the music teaches them to become honorable amazing leaders but until then we can appreciate this celebration of Chance's honorable efforts off the Mic, and our brown Kidpreneurs will keep sharing the positive messages in their songs, interviews, and products to help kids just like them positively rock the Mic of their life toward the road of success draped in self-love, respect, wisdom, honor, and everything good! (Hey there, to encourage even more positivity we are giving a discount on our Big Things for Kid's tee and our Hot Beat boasting Positive Music for Kids CD [Kidz Mic: Act I] when you use the discount code: POSITIVITYWORKS, $6 off both together, or $3.00 off each)

Here are the 5 things we love most about Chance's efforts for the next generations of leaders!

1. Family First Message - Chance said that he wants to be a better dad. Kids love their dad and Chance gave kids as well as dads like him that even if you are successful being an even better part of your family is still important. We love how this can encourage this rising gen. of CEO's to keep family first and live your values as you strive for success.

2. Million Dollar Deals - Chance donated 1, 000, 000 to education, he showed that even if you are hanging with the stars like our young founders, investing in and placing value on education remains important. Now that is a hot million dollar deal for the masses for real!

3. Faith For Real - Chance gave a heartfelt thanks and shared His faith on his sleeve when he gave thanks to God. As today's rising young brown business leaders watch the most visible stars who look like them, (often rappers and athletes), it is super important for them to see that staying true to your faith, values, and best parts of you are cool too.

4. Giants - From standing with his beautiful mommy to dressing in a way that even young kids recognize as Michael Jackson's style, Chance shows that he clearly doesn't think that he started from the bottom and got 'here' all by himself. It sets a beautiful tone of gratitude, respect for Mommy + women who look like her, and that it may be important to help someone else who comes after you.

5. Presidential Positivity - Many people say that they are the best, but when the most powerful family that looks like yours in the world pauses to say well done - well you may be on to something! Chance received a surprise message congratulatory from Michelle Obama and we can't say it any better than she can - see her speech below:

Michelle Obama message for @chancetherapper @ the #BETAwards — New Life (@LordBalvin) June 26, 2017

“Thanks so much Debra and hello BET family,” Barack and I are so sorry that we can’t be there tonight in person but please know that we are with you in spirit and we are so incredibly proud of you Chance. We’ve known Chance and his family since he was a wee little baby rapper. It has been a thrill watching him come into his own in so many ways. In addition to making some really amazing music, Chance has been taking that big bright spotlight that follows him around and is shining it on young people in our hometown of Chicago. Time and again he has been standing up, speaking out and doing the work to get kids in our community the education they deserve.

With these passionate efforts, Chance is showing our young people that they matter. That they have something inside of them that is worthy to be expressed and that they have so much to contribute to their communities and to our country. Chance, you are an outstanding role model and an inspiration to all of us who care about our next generation. Because of you, countless young people will grow up believing in themselves, fulfilling their God given potential and then reaching back lifting up other people along the way. I can think of no better legacy to leave and I am thrilled to celebrate you here tonight and honored to call you my friend. Thank you for everything that you do. Congratulations and God bless.” -- Michelle Obama



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