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3 Steps To Increase Artist Income Thru Ads

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Check out this digital creator working and multi-tasking on his craft and his business as an artist.
Independent creators and artists wear many hats, being able to sell their projects to support their own self and perhaps their team members plays a role. Focusing on the fundamentals can help that go smoother.


The first 8 steps to creating your very own online marketing campaign should be memorized and at the tip of your tongue, especially if you are an independent artist responsible for your own promotions.


A ton of other articles, sites, and magazines will tell you which tools to use, how to get listed in Spotify, or TikTok, how to get a high profile collab., how to get merch. created or even how to get a distribution deal but none of that will matter without handling some basic marketing to support those efforts. Get these marketing steps clear in your mind as things to handle first. This part of music business, entertainment business, creating products and promotion can be just like sports - you have to rock the fundamentals. Next Steps:

Take these steps toward marketing your career, merch. business, and latest creative project(s) online: Step 1 - Finding Potential Fans In order to attract fans it is crucial that you choose the right niche of fans, every creator has a different sub market that they attract. Choose the niche with a high number of fans and not the niche with a large number of links on the search engines. Choose the niche that has a high number of prospective fans, this is the niche that will give you the most income. You should target a niche that has low competition, that is a niche where there are a large number of competitors does not give you much chance of success. You should get 90% or more of the competition out of the niche that you are targeting. A market that has 90% or more competition in the niche you choose, is not a good niche for you. Step 2 - Selling your Projects and Event tickets In order to get fans to buy your projects and tickets to your events, you need to reach out and start advertising them. You should have your projects and upcoming events listed in several directories, directories that have high competition, as you should target a niche market. You should get 90% or more of the competition out of the high competition directories. One good place is the events pages for local visitor and convention bureaus, nearly every city has one, they rank high in search results and typically cost little or nothing for all those impressions. It’s amazing how many artists, creators, concerts, and event promoters don’t use them. Be sure to work with promoters to get email lists going tied to events where you are the headliner. For merch. you can be sure to add your merch., gift or clothing business under an official brand name to Google Business and other online business directories. Of course you want to be sure that you are listed in the streaming services too + map out which Web 3 (crypto, nft, etc.) products your fans would be into (but that is based on doing well in step 1, you may find that your audience isn’t ready for those yet, step 1 is very important – it will tell you where to spend your time and promotional energy). Step 3 - Attracting the visitor to your website and getting them to make a purchase In order to get visitors to your website you need to have an attractive website. You should have the offer your projects and services in a attractive manner. You should include a good description and a good picture of your projects and services. These things get the fans to buy your project and you need to include them to get fans to buy your projects and services. These are the main things that give you income. You can use internet marketing strategies to increase your income to get more fans. * Pay Per Click Advertising: PPC advertising is another strategy that you can try. PPC stands for Percentage of Clicks by Customers (fans, ticket buyers, merch/product buyers). You need to spend a small fee for each click by the fan on your website. The fee for a click is 2,5 % of the click. So if the total is 200 visitors who clicked on your website, you will pay the 2,5 % fee and the websites will get the remaining 100. So every click you made is one penny you get to keep. * Pay Per Click Advertising: Another strategy that you can try is Pay Per Click Advertising. This is a very good and efficient way to advertise your projects and services. The method is very simple. You need to spend a small fee for each fan who clicks on your advertisement. The fee is based on your advertisement fee (one fee per click) multiplied by the number of clicks (two clicks for every click). * Paid for Promotions: One of the most efficient ways to get fans to buy your project or service is to offer your project or service to the fans for a certain price. You can offer your project or service for free, but it will not be so effective. You should offer your project or service to the fans for a certain price so that they will not hesitate to buy your project or service. * Using Internet Advertising: You can also try using Internet advertising. The fee for each visitor is based on your transaction fee (one transaction fee for each visitor). So you should try using all the different techniques to increase your artist anc creator income - the world needs the positive messages of dope creators like you, we need you to win so get your promos rocking! : )



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