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Viola Davis and Julius Tennon's New Publishing Company Spotlights Overlooked Voices


Viola Davis and Julius Tennon have inaugurated JVL Media, a novel book publishing company dedicated to amplifying underrepresented voices with a rich variety of literary works


Celebrated actress Viola Davis, along with her husband Julius Tennon, has ventured into the publishing industry with the establishment of JVL Media as reported by Yahoo. This new company is focused on producing both fiction and non-fiction works that highlight and support marginalized voices. The initiative aligns with their ongoing efforts in media production, including notable projects like "The Woman King" and "How to Get Away With Murder." Their first publications include Had to Lose to Win: The Tiki Davis Story and The Inclusion Leader Genius by Dr. Johné Battle, setting the stage for a diverse literary lineup.

Tips / Thought-starters

  • Collaborate with experts to enhance credibility: Engaging with industry experts, such as esteemed publishers and authors, can bolster a new venture's reputation and effectiveness, as demonstrated by JVL Media’s partnership with Lavaille Lavette.

  • Focus on diverse and inclusive content: Emphasizing diversity in content creation can resonate with a broader audience and fulfill a cultural and social demand for representation, similar to JVL Media’s approach to publishing.

Key Questions/Next Steps

  • Identify and foster untapped talent:  Creatives should look for opportunities to discover and support emerging voices from diverse backgrounds, mirroring JVL Media's commitment to elevating overlooked authors.

  • Leverage personal brand for broader impact: Utilizing an established personal or professional brand to launch new initiatives can provide a strong foundation and instant credibility, as seen with Viola Davis and Julius Tennon's transition into publishing.

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