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MUSIC MARKETING MAGAZINE is the leading growing music Marketing News Site & Networking Community platform, for positive, conscious, and faith-based artists in the world.  

Great creators need great team members and they need to be heard about.  Tomorrow's Harry Belafonte, Nina Simone, James Baldwin and other amazing luminaries like them need to be connected.  That is where joining other Music Leaderz, Media Leaderz, and Kidz Mic community members come in.

In addition to sharing helpful marketing strategies, tools, and news we also help Music Leaderz, Media Leaderz, and Kidz Mic peeps (parents of talented kids) connect. 

We promote positive yet amazing talented creators, business pros, and fans to help spur the tidal wave of uplift, unity, and love that this world desperately needs through art.  


The community is comprised of GRAMMY winners, artists, entertainment executives, news correspondents and marketers all coming together.

To join the community part of the fun click PRO, and create your very own account to join and better connect with other Music Leaderz, Media Leaderz, and Kidz Mic community members.  It will make you findable in the public PRO directory and will give you invites to our future networking sessions.

There is no shortage of people working to bring about positive impacts in the world through music, media, and art but there is a shortage of access to each other and that is where Music Leaderz comes in.   

It's time to make a difference and let positive music, art, and media lead the way, join us!

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